Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as impotence or the inability to achieve an erection and or keep an erection, occurs for a wide range of reasons in men of all ages.  Impotence can be a short term situation that will eventually correct itself or it can be an an ongoing problem that will require sound medical help and advice.

This is because erectile dysfunction can sometimes point to another medical condition that may well need treatment.  These medical conditions can include, but are not exclusive to, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stress.  If you find that you’re having trouble achieving and or maintain an erection sufficiently to enjoy sex, then go to your doctor for a check up.

What we also know is that impotence can be as a result of lifestyle choices.  These choices include the consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking and even being over weight.  That’s why it is vital that you get yourself in good shape and either cut out, or limit, such things as smoking and drinking.  Adding exercise to your life will not only help your sex life, but it will also help your overall health.

Other reasons for erectile dysfunction can be as a result of damage to the penis and or surrounding areas – whether visible or not.  Damage to the nerves that feed blood to the penis will mean it’s difficult to reach erection.  This damage, known as vascular disease, accounts for up to 70% of the causes of physical impotence, include the already mentioned high blood pressure and diabetes.  The resulting hardening of the arteries that these conditions give rise to means the blood vessels feeding blood to the penis become damaged.

There can also be problems with men who are living with a neurological condition such as stroke or dementia.  Anything that disrupts the neural messages the body needs to reach erection or keep an erection, will result in degrees of impotence.

The effects of prostrate cancer can also have a detrimental affect on sexual performance.  However it should be noted that this not as a result of cancer, but as a result of the rigorous side effects of the treatment you have to go through to recover from the cancer.  These treatments include radiation and even the surgery needed to cure cancer can damage the workings of the male sex organs.

What can also cause impotence are the effects of stress, anxiety and of course depression.  Worrying and stressing about a myriad of problems from work to finances to relationships and more can lead you to lose your libido and lose interest in sex.  If this situation is something that you can handle yourself and find a solution for, then all the better.  However if your erectile dysfunction is as a result of real anxiety or depression then you really do need to seek professional medical advice to over come the situation.

Overall there are simple solutions to the varied causes of impotence and there are more complex and serious solutions.  What is true though is that if you’re struggling with any degree of impotence then you really do need to address and deal with it.  Without investigating the real reasons behind what’s going on with your sexual function you really can’t find the answer.  That means you’re living with what is possibly a major issue for you and your sexual partners.

It makes sense then, for peace of mind, for a return to an active sex life and to make sure that you’re otherwise fit and well, please seek medical advice and or a solution.